Who we are?

Mission and company’s leitmotiv

Just like their founders, actuals owners of Groupe Ethier are constantly motivated  by the development of their three principal commercial activities;

Agricultural crop :

vue aerienne ethier

  • All our truck farming are located in three sections of farmland in Mirabel, with different soils components, allowing an efficient variation and rotation of our crops.
  • Over the years, our priorities have been vegetables farming of potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips, turnips and white turnips and onions.
  • We believe that vegetable farming can be done in a sustainable environment in Mirabel;  in hundred more years after our crops, the land will still be fertile and useful for next generations.
  • We are proud of the quality for our local production : eat local fresh vegetables helps live healthy!

 Packing of fresh vegetables:


  • Break new grounds and invest into packing new technologies. We want to encourage families to choose Ethier’s bag and eat more Quebec fresh vegetables.
  • Always in search of new packing materials recyclable and/or compostable.
  • Give the priority to team work and respect of individuals inside their organisation

Marketing, distribution and deliveries: “See Ethier’s good vegetables in your soup!”

  • Beside his own crop, Groupe Ethier is marketing crops of other local producers.  They also are families dedicated to grow  local quality vegetables.  Groupe Ethier assures them his expertise in marketing fresh vegetables and guide them to respect effective good safety procedures within their operations.
  • When no more local product is available, Groupe Ethier imports from other Canadian Provinces and the United States.  Therefore,  their procurement is maintained all year round.

Groupe Ethier is there for the industry

On the lookout for movements and changes into the industry, Groupe Ethier is proud to participate in many Associations and offer his time to serve producers and packers.

Denis Bissonnette, president of Groupe Ethier is the president of the Quebec potatoes packers Association and is dedicated to the local producer’s concerns.

Groupe Ethier and the environnement

Groupe Ethier worries a great deal  about  environmental issues.   In fact,  owners are involved into projects of recycling, composting and  searching for new components for their bags, that would facilitate the recycling activities for everyone.

Our Competitive Advantages


  • A large varieties of roots vegetables  available at the same place, all year long.
  •  The capacity to offer the packing of all their products in many different formats: in the unity, 1lb, 2 lb, 3 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb and 50 lb.
  •  The quality of our packaging, as much as poly, paper or boxes.
  • The success of the implementation of our program:  Food safety, quality and traceability
  • Our dynamic team!  Always on top of the market and in the listening of their customer’s needs.
  • Our legendary service 7 days a week.  To well serve our business clientele,  fill out the orders with quality product and deliver it quickly, is our target.