Our products


We operate machines that allows us to pack as well as in poly bag, paper bag or cartons boxes.

Ethier’s products are presented in multiple sizes and packing materials and that, all year long.

In Fact, when local product in no longer available, Groupe Ethier imports vegetables from the USA. This provide products according to the preferences of our customers all year.

Something new!

  • We innovate this year. In fact, we acquired a new technology of packaging. We are proud to present this different packaging, more attractive and with many advantages for stores and customers.
  • Bag with handles to facilitate the manipulation
  • An openning/closing system with a self-adhesive tab closure.  A plus in the fridge for customers.
  • The possibility to print more on the surface of the bags so the potatoes are protected against the neon exposure in stores.
  • Bag material more stronger, so it holds better on shelves for a better presentation in stores.
  • Bags that retains the onions peels.  No more onions skin to collect.
  • Many format available from 2 lb to 15 lb
  • Connected directly to our web site with the QR

Variety of vegetables

  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Beets
  • Parsnips
  • White turnips
  • Turnips

Packaging materials

  • Poly
  • Paper
  • Carton boxes
  • Mesh bags

Packaging formats

  • 1 LB
  • 2 LB
  • 3 LB
  • 5 LB
  • 10 LB
  • 15 LB
  • 20 LB
  • 25 LB
  • 50 LB